Doing Business in Buenos Aires

Doing Business in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is among the most profitable metropolitan areas in Asia for doing business. Their encouraging federal government, banking reforms, and entrepreneurial environment attract many foreign investors and business people. Conducting business in Buenos Aires has an array of benefits so when you visit Buenos Aires; it is obvious that you will have that confidence which is required to do business in Buenos Aires.

How to Tap the Business Potential of Buenos Aires

Like any other business enterprise, doing business in Buenos Aires you will need a plan of action. A viable strategic business plan along with supportive suggestions for inducing growth is essential. The next important thing is having financial backing for the growth of your business. This really is vital for the success of any business. Versatility in attitude is essential. It will help conquer social differences and assist in accomplishing your business goals. Some amount of tolerance and persistence is essential. The way things function in Buenos Aires is not similar to native country or place so it is best to adjust to its lifestyle.



The city’s service industry is diverse and very well developed by international standards, which contributes 76% of its economy. Marketing also plays a vital role in providing services both at home and overseas. The financial and property services sector are biggest and contributes to 31% of city’s economy. The financial sector of Buenos Aires is crucial to Argentina’s banking program, making up almost half the nation’s financial lending and deposits. Almost 300 resorts and as many hostels are licensed for travel and leisure, and almost fifty percent of this is available in 4-star establishments or even greater.



Production sector plays a big role in city’s economy (16%) and is focused mainly within southern area of town. It has an advantage of higher purchasing power of consumers along wit a huge supply of skilled workers.


Construction work within Buenos Aires has been the most popular indicator of national financial prospects. Since 2006 about 3 million sq. metres (32000 sq. feet) of construction has been authorized annually.


Federal government financing

The city’s budget, as per 2011 has offered 6 billion USD in earnings and 6.30 billion USD in expenditures. The town depends on nearby income and capital tax for 61.0% of its earnings, whilst federal income contributes 11.0%, property income taxes 9.0%, and car taxes 6.0%. Other revenues include consumer charges, penalties, as well as gambling. The town devotes 26.0% of its spending budget to training, 22.0% for wellness, 17.0% for general public service and infrastructures, 16.0%% for culture and social wellbeing, 12.0% in admin expenses and 4.0% for law enforcements. Buenos Aires has low financial debt along with its services demand less than 3.0% of the budget


Do some consumer research

The tastes, needs, and customs of individuals in Buenos Aires are no doubt very different from your own. Which means you cannot just presume which idea will work. Before you start your business, it is best to check out the Buenos Aires marketplace and find out which businesses are doing well. While your business can cater to travellers and foreign people, remember that tourists remain in Buenos Aires temporarily and leave when their holiday is over. Local residents, however, stay for good and may be faithful customers for lifetime.

Contact numerous government agencies

It is essential for anyone doing business in Buenos Aires, especially a foreign company, to connect with different government agencies. They will give you suggestion regarding how to decrease bureaucratic obstacles, and assist you for documents that are required to get approvals as well as other government paperwork.

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