Foods to Try in Buenos Aires

Foods to Try in Buenos Aires

Whenever you get the chance to go for a holiday in Buenos Aries, be sure to spend some time for dancing in Argentine style tango. If you are on a business trip or only have few days or even hours to spend in Buenos Aries, you can experience the unique culture of this place by visiting ‘milonga’ or perhaps a place in which Tango is popular. Apart from dancing, city of Buenos Aries is well known for its mouth-watering foods.


Once you explore the town and visit some of the most exciting locations, the delicious local food would just work as icing on the cake. The city of Buenos Aires provides you with amazingly tasty food at the most affordable prices. Browse the world’s renowned coffee shop Fl or El Britanico, enjoy the beverages at El Federal, or visit local meal suppliers for the tastiest yet low priced unique meals.


Things got better these days because there are some fantastic Buenos Aires vegetarian hotels and restaurants along with some delicious Argentine meals. These are definitely the best food options within Buenos Aires for vegetarian people or for the people who are just searching for crack from great pieces of beef.


Empanadas – These are well-known Argentine pastries that are one of the favourite foods in Buenos Aires. Although meat items are most typical, it is extremely easy to discover queso & cebolla (onion and cheeses) version. Best for cheap and quick food.


Dulce de Leche – You just cannot ignore these caramel spreads or jam.  It is almost everywhere. You can see it in each and every dessert, factura (wonderful pastries), even during breakfast for spreading on breads. Supermarkets dedicate entire aisles for it and heladerias (ice-cream parlours) have entire dulce de leche food list with many different flavours.


Pizzas – This famous Italian food can be found in many pizzerias located throughout the town. It is the vegetarian standard and the best choice for your inexpensive meal. These pizzas are not like those found in Italy (or even in New York City) so we generally noticed thick bases and lot of toppings around the cheese, however it is possPizza from El Cuartitoible to discover some really good pizza verities.


Baked Products and Desserts

Pastries from Argentina are influenced by Europe. There are croissants and other similar baked items, as well as “masas finas” (fine pastries) which resemble French or German delicacy. There is one more pastry, this has Spanish origin, it is definitely the “churros” (cylindrical fried sweet pastries sparkled with sugars), like in Spain and can be consumed whilst consuming hot chocolate.


Places to Eat in Buenos Aires



The advantage of stopping into this appealing “cultural store” is the proprietor, Marcelo. He personally chooses each and every product that the shop shares and has the most popular songs collections that we have enjoyed. He will gladly respond to all questions about Argentine musicians. Also, be sure to ask the proprietors about events around the town, they will explain everything that they know – which from our brief experience was a great deal.



To have Natural experience within fairly cool Palermo, just visit Krishna. Do not get misled by the name, even though it has some subcontinent Asian influence, it is actually owned by Argentine who is not only devoted to the Indian native God Krishna, but is also the believer of cooking unique vegan dishes with really refreshing ingredients.



Link any drug, Shawarma can be quite addictive. Demashk, has only standing rooms, counter service of Shawarma shop is always packed but well worth waiting. When you enter into this small eatery, avoid meeting skilled Shawarma slicer whose only question is whether you desire your sandwich served spicy.

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