New foods, new experiences, a fuller life

Eating and socialising are great, but food is a lot more than a necessity or basic need, it can benefit your physical and mental health, as well as your social life. New food opens new experience, and trying food from different countries also has the benefit of introducing you to a whole other culture, including new people into your life. Food has many benefits, and it is good to branch out and try new things which can help your diet and keep you healthy, as well as improving your mental health as some food release and promote the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin which help you relax and fight depression. Read on about the many benefits of food and how trying new meals can help health physically, mentally and socially, leading to a better and more fulfilled life.

Physical Health

As well as having engaging in physical activity, having a balanced diet can also have a great benefit for your physical health. Food is essentially fuel for the body, and your body (just like an engine) needs fuel to keep on moving, with optimal performance requiring the correct and nutritious food. However, it is not about eating the same good foods all year round, a healthy diet also requires you to mix it up and eat a variety of foods like fruit, veg, protein and healthy fats. Eating a range of healthy foods can help your body in a number of great ways which will lead to a more fulfilled life.

Prevent Illness and Disease

There is a range of scientific evidence that supports the notion that eating healthy foods can aid and prevent a number of chronic/serious diseases. There have been a number of findings that suggest healthy eating has beneficial, cancer fighting abilities and that eating a range of plant based foods can prevent the development of cancerous cells. Furthermore, diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes and obesity can all be significantly improved through the application of a healthy foods.

Cardiovascular Health

Eating healthy, diverse foods can have benefits towards your heart and blood pressure. A diet full of healthy fats, proteins, whole grain and nuts, whilst limiting red meat, sugar and sweets, will reduce the risk of later life heart problems. In particular, salt and sodium are especially damaging towards the heart and keeping these to a minimum can lead to a healthier, more fulfilled life.

Mental Health

Food can encourage positivity and can lead to a happier, and more joyful life. This is because eating is particularly important for brain development and growth, and as food gives our body energy, the brain will use most of this up as it tends to be one of the hungrier organs in the body. Our brain requires protein and food that contains high protein levels will aid in the construction of enzymes, brain tissue and neurotransmitters. On the note of neurotransmitters, these are little neurons in the brain that send electrical signals and release chemicals that can alter mood. Certain food, like chocolate, can release chemicals such as serotonin which can make individuals feel happier and relaxed. Furthermore, the benefit of getting healthy food in your stomach promotes the development of healthy bacteria, which science has found to be beneficial for cognition and mood.

Social Life

Food gives you the opportunity to experience other cultures and try something new. It doesn’t just have the benefit of providing you with mental and physical health, but social health too. This point links with the others in the sense that unhealthy, junk food will zap your energy and leave you indoors with nobody around to talk too, and it goes without saying that eating a meal with your family and friend can have a significant impact on your mood and can strengthen bonds and family ties. Eating healthily and diversely can also boost your self-esteem, and can result in new friendships being built on meals out, and give you the confidence to try new experiences. All of this will help you develop a more fulfilled life.

So to sum up….

Food has a number of benefits to your health, including physical, mental and social. Eating a range of healthy, home-cooked foods will benefit your physical health in terms of disease prevention and reduction in the risk of heart problems. In addition, the application of healthy meals can also improve your mental health and moods, as certain foods will release chemicals in the brain that promote happiness. Lastly, having healthy meals will boost your confidence to make new connections and meet new people, and eating meals together will strengthen already existing bonds and will improve you overall mood. So get out there are try new things, meet new people, and lead a more fulfilling life!