Makeup Tips for Traveling

Makeup Tips for Traveling

Travelling during vacation is the best way to unwind and become stress fee! From watching beautiful scenery to the making memories, you do not want anything to obstruct enjoyment of your trip – particularly the packing. Your essential beauty products always make big emotional difference for your travel. If you want to always look amazing on your relaxing vacation, then following are some tips related to carrying makeup products during your holiday tour.


Packing Light

Keep it simple and easy to carry.  Go light on your makeup. Blush, Lip balm, and few mascara will be perfect. Likewise for the hair: wash & wear styles are ideal for travel. Do not spend too much time for styling. The climate around the plane will break your hairstyle anyhow. Pull it back in an easy ponytail, or let it rest easily and loose.

While flying, remember 3.40-ounce of liquid limit enforced by TSA for your carryon items; the last thing that you would like to discard is obviously the cosmetics, which are not allowed on the plane. However, that does not mean you cannot carry your most loved sample beauty products offered by grocery stores for free.


Simplicity Is the Key

While travelling you will make up less than you normally would. You just need some blush, great lip-gloss, along with 2-3 coats of mascara. You are able to wash the hair as you usually do, just keep the style simple. You should not worry about teasing or curling effect. Hairstyles are often wrecked by air anyhow. Just let the hair flow freely, or if you wish to have some beauty, add colorful scarf.


Palettes and Sets

After this, let us move on to palettes and sets. Several cosmetics businesses sell eye shadows, lipsticks, and blushes in a handy palette, which is small, and lightweight. Investing in palette with basic colors will make sure that your eyes do not clash with your attire during balancing.


Personal Hygiene

The great thing about hygiene product is, they are typically available free at most of these hotels. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, Deodorant, and razors, can be obtained easily at many holiday destinations. It is up to you to determine whether you like to get these things at your destination or if you wish to pack them. If you wish to save your packing space, it will be a great idea to talk with hotel staff and ask about which merchandise is complimentary and which you will need to purchase. Unfortunately, price may range depending on the hotel and according to the accommodation type you have booked.


Multipurpose products that you must carry

Always remember to carry products, which can be used for longer period or more frequently than just once. If you need to carry it with you, it is up to you to select items that are most useful for you. Hair shampoos and Tinted SPF skin lotion, which serve as soap must be on your packing list.

Here are some of the features that you ought to consider while packing your makeup kit for your travel


  • Compartments of makeup kit must be convenient and design should be such that you can easily organize most of your makeup items.
  • Makeup kit must be durable and made from quality item. This is because you will be handling your makeup kit roughly while traveling, so top quality kit is always better.
  • Most important is, it should be easy to clean so that you can prevent liquids from spreading to other compartments.
  • Outside as well as interior design is another important feature that usually catches anybody’s eyes. However, you should give priority to quality over price while selecting makeup kit for your travel.
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