Mixing Business with Pleasure – Taking in the Tourist Attractions While Travelling for Business

Mixing Business with Pleasure – Taking in the Tourist Attractions While Travelling for Business

If you travel a lot because of the nature of your business, you understand how boring it is to ravel in plane again and again. You also know that how difficult it is to deal with the hassles of airport rules, dealing with jet lag and working away from your friends and family. Most of these issues make your business trip horrible. But, you can surely alter that. You need to set your mind and look at it in a different way.

Since you are on a business trip most of the stress of planning your trip is eliminated because it is your business organization that will take care of airfare as well as other arrangements like hotel bookings. Which means you will have sufficient time to decide what sort of pleasure you could add to boring routines of business trip.

Obviously, you know where your company is sending you for your business trip. Why not take a moment to do some research about the location you will be visiting. Check out what are the different attractions it has. Find some great restaurants that you can visit during your official trip so that you are not just confined to what is offered at the hotel.

It is important to know objectives of your business trip, and planning to achieve those objectives. However, as you go along, some amazing things always happens during your travel. You will discover some incredible places, and get the opportunity to see things, which you have never seen before or even imagined.


Here are some tips to make your business trip a fun by mixing some pleasure


Plan your business trip

This is definitely no brainer but honestly, you must plan your trip. In order to have some fun, check events, restaurants, and locations that you like to see  and how close they are from the place where you will be staying. Take the time to plan your entire trip. For directions, you can use some good apps. Most of these apps have maps that you will require, so download it in your phone and you are all set.

Think about getting along with the client or other business people who may be there and check out some things that you can enjoy together with them. This way you can get rid of stress due to hectic schedule of your business trip. As an example if there is any sports event in the city where you are staying just go and get the tickets for all and enjoy the game in group.

Carry some casual garments, your camera and take some time off and become a tourist whenever you have some free time from your business. Forget about your work for a while, forget the meetings and just go out and mingle with the locals and have some fun and freedom.



You must make your business trips enjoyable, but at the same time, do not forget that it is meant for business. Organising a day’s golf where you are residing for your business is a great option for executives to go for. There are different golf packages at various golf courses, which are difficult to get into, that is one more reason why it is always good to plan ahead. There are also various packages that entail multiple golf courses throughout your business stay. Why let your trip to be unadventurous when you are able enjoy from golf courses that fits your personality?

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