Do You Need a Spa Day and a Manicure?

Do You Need a Spa Day and a Manicure?

The Mental Benefits of Relaxation

Relaxation is very important
and can have a number of benefits for our health, more specifically, our mental health. Relaxation can take many forms and can be introduced through various activities including manicures, pedicures and days at the spa. With our lives getting busier by the day and with work, chores and family taking priority, it can be hard to find a time to just chill and enjoy some peace and quiet. Stress is a common factor that we tend to accept in live, but it can actually cause a number of health problems, such as anxiety, depression and higher blood pressure which increases the likelihood of stroke and cardiovascular issues. Therefore, it is important to include relaxation into your life and this article will give you a number of benefits relaxing has in regards to your mental health.

Fight Depression

Relaxation is great for fighting depression and blue moods, and a simple trip down to the spa can promotes feelings of happiness and calm a stressed mind. This is because stress can kill brain cells and damage areas around the brain known as the hippocampus – the part to do with memory and stress. This was found in a study performed on mice which found that, when exposed to a stressful situation, the mice lost their appetite and exhibited a form of helplessness in particular tasks like swimming. These symptoms are very similar to the depressive symptoms in humans and indicate that stress can be harmful for humans and their mental health. Therefore, in order to keep stressful situations at bay, try relaxation techniques and maybe go and get a manicure, as this is a great way to de-stress and remove yourself from the demands of daily life. If you are looking for a manicure in Red Deer Alberta try Nicole’s Body Works.

Better Memory

There has also been findings that suggest stress can impair your memory and make it harder for you to receive basic memories. Once again, studies on mice have indicated that when exposed to short bursts of stress, you can impair the parts of the brain associated with memory and learning, as well as the prefrontal cortex which is associated with high mental functioning. Furthermore, stress can also increase the amount of proteins in the brain and this has been linked with neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Relaxing is thus a great way to relieve symptoms of stress and reduce the impairment of memory and learning. Therefore, simply taking a relaxing trip to the spa and getting a pedicure can drastically reduce stress and promote healthier memory.

Better Decisions

It is a clear observation that when you are stressed about a particular thing, it can make you think less clear and this can result in worse decisions. Studies have indeed found that stress can impair our cognitive functions and make our judgments foggy and less logical, and one study even found that stress can make us overtly bias towards the positive, explaining why alcoholics turn to a drink when they exhibit stress. This indicates that relaxing and chilling out can improve your decision-making skills and judgement abilities. Trying simple relaxation techniques may be very beneficial if you need to make a crucial decision, and if you have a particularly stressful life that involves making hard judgments, try taking a day off to get a massage down at your local spa.

So Many Benefits

Relaxing has many mental benefits and can prevent a range of issues related to memory and decision-making. Stress has been found by a number of studies to damage your memory through the death of cells around the hippocampus, and stress has also seen to result in poorer decision-making skills. Furthermore, if you have a particularly stressful life, you can even develop depression. However, if you teach yourself a number of relaxation techniques you can begin to overcome the stress you are facing, and weekly trips to your local spa can drastically reduce levels of stress and promote happier moods.

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