Tips when traveling to Buenos Aires

Tips when traveling to Buenos Aires

The simplest way to understand more about Buenos Aires is to walk around the town. Don’t be afraid to contact different people, they are very friendly and helpful. Buenos Aires is definitely an amazing town, full of contrast. That is why so many people are opting to reside in Buenos Aires. The following is some useful information for visitors of Buenos Aires.


Buenos Aires on an average has over 300 days of sunshine every year that makes it the great place to enjoy outdoors. However, there are times when the clouds gather as well as the rainfall pours down on this lively town. So what should you do? What are the places that you can visit? Luckily, Buenos Aires has numerous indoor treats that site visitors can take advantage of.


Here are some recommendations of places that you could visit in Buenos Aires even on wet day.


Buenos Aires is popular for many reasons

The thing that makes Buenos Aires unique is that it is the favorite destination for tourists; it is an ideal town for college students as well. For the student with Spanish language or literature, or Latin American culture and national politics, this is the best place to focus on their studies. Aside from the traditional college semester- and programs spanning for year are both available, there are also lot of opportunities to learn Spanish language in deep to obtain good understanding of Spanish language to make you fluent in language so that you can use this language practically in the outside world. City of Buenos Aires itself is your best classroom, enabling you to gain real practical experience on all the material typically taught inside any vocabulary course. You will be motivated to integrate yourself into the life of Buenos Aires.


Nightlife of Buenos Aires

Nightlife in Buenos Aires starts late and finishes late too. There are many options available for everyone in noche Porteña, from jazz to salsa dances for whole night dance events to local rock and roll concert events. Hip lounges are best for those who work in Manhattan and will provide variety to local people who dress for impressing others, and huge clubs such as Pacha and Crobar usually have world famous DJs such as Tiesto, Paul Dyk and Armin Buuren music spinning up until next day morning.


Many hotels and restaurants

Review or Description of Buenos Aires will be incomplete without mentioning incredible restaurants and pubs. In the recent years, gastronomic culture of Buenos Aires has skyrocketed, offering food lovers the opportunity to dive in and taste these best meals that Buenos Aires has to offer. In fashionable communities such as Palermo as well as Las Cañitas, you will find infinite options for those wishing to get genuine taste of local flavor. Delicious parrillas serves very hot steak and containers of famous Malbec red-colored red wine that demands hours of chat with buddies while enjoying the party until dawn. Similar to any big town or city, you will find many restaurants, great news for those willing to go out and test the regional food.


Best Things to do in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is loaded with lot of galleries. For tango fanatics I would suggest to visit house of Carlos Gardel, which is now a museum and pays tribute to this particular Tango life.

Within 10 minute, walking distance of Museo de Bellas Artes is the well-known MALBA Collection. This certainly is the place to visit to see the Latin US Art. Placed in contemporary environment, this collection hosts remarkable arts, which are made up of up to 400 pieces of work by 78 artists from across the Southern and Central parts of United States.


Check out El Museo Bellas Artes (National Museum of Great Artwork) it is among the best artwork of Buenos Aires. It is situated in the area of Recoleta and consists of more than 30 exhibition rooms, which contains array of art and sculptures.

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