Using Audiobooks When Traveling

Using Audiobooks When Traveling

Audiobooks are same as the regular book only difference being that they are in audio format so that you can directly listen to them instead of reading. Audiobooks are great assets for travelers who are always on the move; traveling from one particular city to another, one state to another or country-to-country or they are in a field job or often travel in air. Then audiobooks will be your best companion during traveling providing you all sorts of information while you are on the move.

Too many audiobooks to choose

There are different types of audiobooks that are readily available online. From classic novels to contemporary business books, from entertainment and humor to learning a foreign vocabulary, from biographies to historic books, from health and fitness to adventure and lot of how to tutorials about recreation. With all of these different choices, it is difficult to understand why so many travelers usually do not utilize their time in a better way to educate themselves and for providing entertainment. With that said lot of people are already following this technique, which can be seen from the fact that the number of audiobooks that are sold and downloaded are always increasing.


Outstanding benefits of audiobooks for travelers


  • You can listen to audiobooks anywhere, anytime
  • Use audiobooks for entertainment purpose
  • Audiobook can also be used by the whole family
  • Audiobooks make travel enjoyable while enriching us with knowledge
  • Learn how to meditate and relax with audio books. Audiobooks can be used for self-improvement. There are many meditations and self-improvement related audiobook available on the internet. You just have to download them and listen.
  • Isolate yourself from outside noise and disturbance while you listen to audiobooks


The thing is, you can listen to audiobooks

  • In darker areas such as during night, it does not require light to listen and gain knowledge
  • In areas that are typically loud or noisy such as airport, bus or railway stations
  • To get information as well as entertainment while traveling with family members
  • When you are at place where people do not want to get disturbed
  • While waiting for your connector flight
  • You can listen to audiobooks on almost any device including your smartphone, which can carry thousands of audiobooks at the same time. So you do not need any additional storage and you can almost carry entire library with you


My own experience

There are plenty of advantages to audiobooks for travelers, it really is astonishing that a lot of tourists usually do not carry audiobooks with them. Not long back, I had been traveling a long way to visit my family. I had 4 lengthy waits in various international airports, almost 7 hrs. each. That means my major productive time got trapped within airport terminals.  So how the person like me can spend 7 hrs. at these airports each? Well, since I had all my favorite audiobooks with me on my smartphone, I had a great choice of listening and viewing to these audiobooks. Yes, you read correctly nowadays audiobooks have not remained only audiobooks but rather they have become AV-books. We can call them audio-visual books rather than just audiobooks. This is simply amazing because seeing has 1000 time more impact than listening or reading. Therefore, now you never have to waste any time as you can gain knowledge and get informed 24/7 anywhere, anytime.


I find it really difficult to sleep during flight especially if it is a 12 hrs. flight. Therefore, I always carry some great meditation audiobooks on my smartphone. Now I can sleep like an infant and wake up at the destination refreshed and ready to explore more, no longer jet lag for me personally!

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